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Experience collated over the years means we can offer purchase related services - even if you don't use our Turkish mortgage services, or even if you don't need a Turkish mortgage at all, you can benefit from these.

Legal services

Most people decide not to use a lawyer when buying property in Turkey. This is a bizarre choice considering buying property in the UK always involves a conveyancing lawyer.

The difficult part of finding a Turkish lawyer, is finding one that has good English, and one that understands both the UK and Turkish system.

We recommend a good UK based Turkish conveyancing legal advisor, who is a qualified Turkish lawyer.

By using a good legal advisor, you can avoid the common mistakes alot of people make when buying in Turkey, and will also save you time.

You can appoint your legal advisor as your "attorney" by using a power of attorney (POA) document. This will allow them to act on your behalf in Turkey. It also means you don't need to go back and forth to Turkey to fulfil simple or complex tasks.

A POA will allow your legal advisor to complete legal matters for you in Turkey without you having to physically be there.

Services that our legal advisor can do:

  • Purchase contract preparation;
  • Legal diligence on the property;
  • Power of attorney preparation;
  • Will preparation.

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Building, contents and earthquake (DASK) insurance.

We've teamed up with Aviva in Turkey to provide you with essential cover.

Insurance is obviously an essential part of your property - more so where the property you have purchased is in an earthquake zone!

DASK insurance is a compulsory earthquake insurance in Turkey. For all other eventualities, there is buildings insurance to cover the building and fixed fittings, and then there is Contents insurance to cover your precious contents. If you plan to let your property, we can also offer liability insurance.

So whether your insurance is up for renewal, or you have just purchased your Turkish property, please contact us - we can arrange all the cover you need in as little as 24 hours.

Complete our form and we will send you a no obligation quotation.

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