Introducers form a very important and large part of our business.

We keep our process simple and easy to use - with a human face and voice to help at all times. We don't use cutting edge technolgy that offers products with no actual depth. Our products are real, our service is the most successful for Turkey and we offer you the best proc fee available for Turkish mortgages.

MFT has worked with introducers from its inception and this has not changed. Partners that have introduced clients to us in 2009, still do so today. Our partnership with introducers is based on forming real relationships, face to face where possible. We do not put up a wall of technology between you and us. This makes our working relationship that much easier, with real tangible results.

Our introducers are IFAs, mortgage brokers, estate agents, and property developers. We let you decide how much involvement you have. Some prefer to keep contact with their clients with us in the background. Others introduce their clients to us, let us get on with it, and then update them at key points in the process - it is up to you.

Our commission is the highest in the market meaning it is actually worth your time and effort introducing your clients to us. Our commission not only starts off as the highest, but increases with your success rate.

Contact us now for an information pack - you can simply call or register your details using the short form. Our pack will provide details of our products, rates and criteria as well as a breakdown of the commission we offer.

A summary

✔ Highest commission rate in the market

✔ You decide how much control you want

✔ Full information given to you to allow you to carry out your own eligibility check

✔ Free tools for your website, including application forms

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