About Mortgage for Turkey

If you've always dreamt about owning property in Turkey but have never been able to save enough, Mortgage for Turkey is on hand to finance your dream purchase.

SINCE 2009, we have offered our focused service, and since then, we have completed more mortgages than any other broker for Turkey. This experience is essential in Turkey, where our knowledge of the nuances and quirks of the Turkish mortgage and property market ensures we always take our clients on to a successful completion.

FOCUSED SERVICE We focus on Turkish mortgages only and do not provide multiple products in dozens of countries across the world. This means we SPECIALISE in Turkish mortgages and ensures our knowledge of the market is second to none.

OUR TURKISH / ENGLISH BILINGUAL ADVISORS avoid the common mistakes of other brokers, who cannot make a quick call to that key person in Turkey to clear any minor issues up. Not knowing Turkish means simple issues become complex problems. On the flip side, it also means that you can pick up the phone, knowing you will speak with a fluent Englishman.

CeMAP QUALIFIED ADVISORS - CeMAP is a UK mortgage qualification provided by the Institute of financial services (IFS) (link) and is internationally recognised as the one to have. It also means our advisors are familiar with the rigorous requirements of the UK mortgage authorities and apply this to the Turkish market.

RESEARCH - Our years of experience means we have built up excellent relationship with European and Turkish banks, to offer you a broad choice of products, with interest rates over 50% lower than what you would find in local Turkish banks.

As a standard part of the process, we contact YOUR SELLER AND LAWYER (if you appointed one). We take copies of the mandatory legal documents (ISKAN and TAPU) and make checks to ensure that the property you are buying can be mortgaged. Later on, as a part of the property survey process, your property is checked against local authority plans to ensure that it has been built in accordance with building and earthquake regulations.

FREE APPROVAL IN PRINCIPLE SERVICE - We ask you to complete our application form before you make any plans to ensure you will be approved by the bank when you do go to make a full application. This is called an approval in principle, it is a free service and we aim to reply to your applications ASAP (within one working day).

NO OFFER, NO FEE - Like all mortgage brokers, we charge a fee of £545, but only when we have obtained a successful mortgage offer for you. Most brokers charge almost twice this amount and will ask for a large proportion upfront. We are so confident in our services, that we have no upfront fees, and if we take your case on, it is because we believe that you have an excellent chance of obtaining finance.

Our philosophy is about getting to know you, understanding your needs and ensuring we meet those needs as best as possible.

Our working practices

★ We constantly search the Turkish mortgage market to ensure our products are the best they can be;

★ We offer advice and administrative services on these products to you - this makes us a mortgage broker;

★ We work independently of banks and lenders - we work for you, not them;

★ This means we can offer the lowest interest rates on Turkish Mortgages;

★ These products are not available in Turkish banks.


Before dreaming about your Turkish property, get pre approved - our pre approval service is free and will help you set a budget before looking for a property.

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We've added a mortgage calculator should you want to calculate your potential monthly repayment figure.

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Whether you're in property or mortgages, adding Turkish mortgage products to your menu can be a valuable part of your business.

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